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Repairs done right and honestly!

About us

I started out about age 11-12 as the neighborhood kid leaning on the fender of all the hot rods of all the older guys watching them fix their cars. Soon I became the helper holding things or handing them tools. Eventually started helping them and when I got a car at age 15 started working on my cars. It was by necessity more than anything. I didn’t make enough money as a dish washer to be able pay someone to fix my cars. So I learned by trial and error. In my late 20’s I worked for a high end car stereo and security shop doing high end stereo systems, security systems and electronics. I learned that honesty and integrity were more important than making money by deceit. My motto was “I’d rather have you business than give you the business”. Business needs repeat business more than the big score being dishonest. During my audio days myself and buddy would do jobs after hours at our houses for friends and family and we started calling ourselves SJ Audio or Side Job Audio. That’s when SJ started and I changed it to SJ Car Care now.

Plano, Texas Auto Repair Services

General Auto & Truck Repair

Brakes Jobs

Tune Up

Window Repair


Motor Replacement, Transmissions & More!


Contact Us

Hours & Location

Alma and Spring Creek

Plano, Texas 75023

Hours: 8am – 6pm

Phone: (214) 675-6182


    (214) 675-6182